September 7, 2007

How amazing juggs carry more milk!

HB has discovered that his amazing juggs tend to rate highly. But other people aren’t so sure about this fact. Quite a few people are of the impression that conventional, large scale farming techniques work better.

Undeterred HB carries on with this method and shows us that being a monk can really work out well in the end. Traditionaly when it comes to carrying milk from point A to point B after milking the cows, large scale farming equiptment such as motorised tankers tend to get the job done more efficiently.

Instead HB is under the impression that manualy carrying milk in amazing juggs from point A to point B is a far more efficient system as well as more rewarding at the end of the day. Sorry but honestly I beg to differ.

The lack of volume of milky liquid, that is carried in the amazing juggs has got to be seen as a total waste of time to everyone, including people which have no farming knowledge. We are talking about common sense here after all.

Look at this picture and tell me in your opinion how it is more efficient to transport milk about in two of these jugs, instead of doing it with an industrial sized, sterile milk truck tanker. Yup I thought so, It’s not.

So in conclusion I have to say that HB’s amazing juggs are just a low gtrnd target.